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Alice Cooper Christmas Pudding



December 9th, 2017 at the Celebrity Theatre. Alice Cooper’s Annual Christmas Pudding has come to be one of Phoenix’s signature holiday events. The Christmas Pudding directly benefits Solid Rock and The Rock Teen Center and brings together some of the finest musicians, dancers, TV and film actors, and comedians in today’s entertainment history.

This holiday season Alice Cooper will be raising the roof with SlashAce Frehley, Rob Halford and Edgar Winter along with David Ellefson, Filter, Nita Strauss and Glen Sobel, the comedy and music of Gary Mule Deer and SIXWIRE for the shock rocker’s 16th Annual Christmas Pudding. The annual fundraiser for teens returns to the historic Celebrity Theatre at 7 p.m. on Saturday, December 9th, and will also include performances from the Solid Rock Dancers, as well as the winners of this year’s Proof is in the Pudding Musical Talent Search, Alice’s own version of American Idol.

Past performers have included Johnny Depp, Sammy Hagar, KISS, Joan Jett, Rob Zombie, KORN, Cheap Trick, Glen Campbell, Stephen Stills, Tommy Shaw, Peter Frampton, Don Felder, Nils Lofgren, Jonny Lang, P.O.D., Dave Mason, Jordin Sparks, Michael Grimm, Sinbad, Cheech Marin, John O’Hurley, and of course, Alice and his original band. Together, they create a magical evening of music, comedy, dance, and a bit of mayhem. This highly anticipated event brings fans from all over the world, year after year. In addition, dancers, magicians, comedians, and teen performers from The Rock Teen Center all take the stage to make for a truly magical evening.

TICKETS ARE ON SALE online at Celebrity Theatre To charge by phone, call 602-267-1600 ext. 1

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